Substance or alcohol misuse

Do you have questions or concerns about your or a family members drug or alcohol use? The most commonly used substances are alcohol, nicotine and cannabis, others include stimulants such as amphetamine, opiates such as heroin and depressants such as valium. You may also be aware of ketamine and legal highs which have become more common.

In some families the use of drugs or alcohol has a negative effect on the individual using them and their family. Increased use of drugs or alcohol can lead to physical and/or psychological dependence making it harder for the individual to stop using despite the effects. Often substance misuse can contribute to other difficulties such as financial problems or depression and anxiety.You may want to understand more about the effects of substances or the impact on health, parenting and future issues such as employment. If you would like to prevent or reduce any harm associated with drugs or alcohol and would like to understand more about your choices, our family support team can help. We can help you access the right support for you- contact us for more information.

You can also seek support yourself localy from:

RISE Recovery and Integration Service – A recovery orientated drug and alcohol service delivered across Devon county by a partnership of Addaction and EDP Drug & Alcohol Services.

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